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A Place To Grow presents:
A two-day experiential workshop
with Christan Hummel
Alchemy of Sound
Therapeutic use of sound for personal and Earth healing

Date: Saturday/Sunday April 14 - 15, 2007

Time: Saturday 10 am to 7 pm, Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Location: Big Bear Lake, California (exact location TBA)

Cost: $195* by April 10, $ 225* thereafter
*Bonus! $125 of cost may be applied toward
5-day Certification Workshop

Contact: Gina Weiss for information, registration and lodging
at (909) 585-7228 or use our Contact Form.
Please register early, as space is limited. Pre-registration is required.
Check, Visa and MasterCard accepted

An experiential workshop exploring healing and transformational uses of sound for ourselves and the land. Learn to use sound to shift belief systems and negative emotional patterns at core levels, balance your chakras, release blocked energies in your body, and open doorways to higher dimensions of reality.

Learn to use sound to clear stagnant earth energies, restore vitality and purity to our waters, reduce crime and pollution, enhance crop growth, promote harmony in cities, balance extreme weather patterns, and offset earth changes. Learn how to create sonic solutions to our world's problems.

Post-workshop private sessions with Christan Hummel available April 16-17

Sound Healing Treatment and Vibrational Alignment
$125, or $95 for workshop participants)

  • Release emotional traumas and imprints from the past
  • Clear energetic blockages
  • Reconnect with your personal power
  • Open dimensional doorways

Includes overtone scanning and therapeutic treatment with vocal harmonics, CDs, movement and essential oils.

Approximate time: 75 minutes

Vibrational Feng Shui House/Room Clearing

$195, or $150 for workshop participants)

Clear your space: remove curses, entities and old energies from the past. Transmute noxious earth energies such as geopathic stress. Harmonize, clear and balance the energies of your environment for a “Spring Cleaning” on all dimensional levels.

Approximate time: 90 minutes

Christan Hummel is an international lecturer, author, and workshop leader, creator of the "Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit" and co-creator of the international seminar, Geobiology-Earth Acupuncture, and has presented at The International Feng Shui conferences, The British Society of Dowsers, the American Society of Dowsers conference, and is a presenter at the Annual Energy Kinesiology conference. She is co-founder of Earth Transitions, and has worked with leading edge inventors to create a global grassroots pollution-clearing network. She has studied sound with Chris James, Wayne Perry, and Tom Kenyon, and combines her knowledge of the devic realms and ancient wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey, studied for over 30 years, with current sound technologies and theories. For further information, visit www.earthtransitions.com

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