"A big thank you to Gina Weiss, MFT. A lady who sincerely has the ability to heal the most broken of hearts and damaged souls."
K.H., Sugarloaf, CA

"I had been plagued by irrational phobias and fears that were disruptive to my life on an intermittent basis that were not rooted in my early childhood. I consider Gina's method of therapy very effective in resolving many of these issues of unknown origin.  I have felt more free and enlightened after each session. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER."
R.M., Big Bear City, CA

"Before coming to Gina, I had been in various therapies for 7 years, working through childhood trauma and depression. The Inner Healing Process opened up doors and allowed me to look inside without the fear of the emotional overwhelm I experienced in previous therapy. I used to feel like I was sinking into a bottomless pit with no way out. Now I have a sense of safety, because it is done in a peaceful, restful, natural way, and when I leave, I feel healthier; more whole and renewed.  Now I am eager and excited for sessions. This is unlike any therapy I've every had. I don't want anyone to be where I was at.  I never thought I could be as free as I am now."
P.S., Big Bear Lake, CA

"Gina's process helped me to cross time and space to heal part of my soul. I have learned to continue on my own to uncover my truths.  This process is amazingly fast."
M.C., Big Bear City, CA

"I was at the end of my rope.  It was this deep process of healing that brought me back to who I am.  It saved my life. I couldn't understand why I was doing things I felt compelled to do but did not want to do.   I now really  understand the purpose of life for me, and my direction. My marriage, family, and business are all at a peaceful, successful place."
L.P., Big Bear Lake, CA

"I was afraid to go through another surgery. In only one session, I could see that I had connected surgery with death in my mind, and was able to clear it.  After that session I went through my surgery with great ease and calm, without the usual sedative."
F.M.N., El Cajon, CA

“The process Gina teaches to facilitate personal growth and remove roadblocks to success are phenomenal!"
S.T., Big Bear City, CA

"This process helped me find the inner peace, love and JOY that was missing in my life.  Everything is easier and more fun.  Life truly can be a joy instead of a burden!  After years of searching, I found inner peace so quickly and easily that I laugh at how long it took me to arrive."
S.C. Erwin Lake, CA

"I had not been consciously aware of what was bothering me, yet it surfaced immediately in the first session.  I was amazed at how quickly other issues then surfaced and I was able to resolve them."
D.G., Hesperia, CA

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